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having survived the typical British weather over the Half Term..

Lets see if we can brighten your summer holidays at HOPS.

HOPS is open on the following dates with the activities and themes listed, why not come along and join the fun.

Booking in advance is essential !!!!!!!!!!!

Date Day Theme Activity
22nd July Fri  Sporty day  Odd sock day…. Put your best foot forward
25th July Mon  Disney Week  Character dressing up day
27th July Wed   Disney Week  Film day – craft work shop   a bouncy castle
29th July Fri  Disney Week  Crowns and tiarasWith Stars bouncy Castle
1st August Mon  Animals Week  Petting Pony, ( with animal hoppers and bouncy castle)
3rd August Wed   Animals Week  Petting FarmGoats sheep duck chickens and pony
5th August Fri  Animals Week  Owls and Cuddly Critters and Craft work shop i
8th August Mon  Circus /Magic week  Chris the Clown Circus Workshop
10th August Wed   Circus /Magic week  Steff’s Magic Show Bouncy Castle
12th August Fri  Circus /Magic week  Bubbles and Balloon’s Magic Bouncy Castle 
15th August  Mon  Music Day  To be confirmed ( music work shops)
17th August  Wed   Challenge Day  Its a knock out with Assault course
19th August   Fri  Party Day  Disco ,  wrecking-ball Bouncy Castle