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Transformation @ HOPS

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National Citizens Service

Team Unity Transformation @ HOPS


Many young people aged 15 to 17 took part in the National Citizens Service programme  during the summer of 2017.

Each group of young people had to choose a charity or worthy cause to help during their programme of events.

Team Unity chose to support HOPS.

Some of Team Unity volunteer at HOPS and wanted to improve the look and feel of the back and front gardens at HOPS.   The back garden at Settles house had become quite over grown and a planters in the front garden had become a bit tatty.

Team Unity, raised funds to buy paint and plants,they also sourced other equipment needed for their project. The team put in many man hours to cut back and tidy up the back garden and spent a few hours jet washing the patio.

Below are photos of the results of their hard work, if you look at photos from the summer you will see the extent achievement

Thank you Team Unity for all your hard work!!

20170826_113908 20170826_113848 20170826_113824 20170826_113928 20170826_120523