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This summer see’s the 40th anniversary of Mid Suffolk HOPS.

We would like to hear from anyone who has been connected with HOPS over the past 40 years. families of children who attended HOPS sessions, Volunteers, Staff member, Trustees, past supporters of the charity.

It is our intention to compile a record of the past and present with photo’s, stories and memories. This will be shared at our celebration event.

How did attending HOPS help the children and young people or their families.

Families past and present – we are hoping you will tell us about parties and celebration events attended as well as memories from HOPS play days and activity sessions. was there a key member of staff or volunteers who helped or supported you?

How volunteering at HOPS helped with career choices or help shaped your future.

Volunteers past and present¬† – We are looking ,day trips out, abseiling down Ipswich hospital fundraising event,¬† team building events like ten pin bowling and paint-balling, strange things found in tabbard pockets…..

anything that will help recall the history of HOPS through your eyes.

We have to this present day key staff members who volunteered in their early teenage years who are now employed by HOPS. One of them remarked on the tuck shop( pre 2002) at HOPS, “The tuck shop was a highlight for all at HOPS, full of sugar filled delights. How things have changed! this was before healthy snacks had even been invented”

Help us make this a very special year at HOPS and share the information as widely as you can.

Get in touch with us at HOPS by email at MIDSUFFOLKHOPS@GMAIL.COM

We look forward to hearing from you all.