Summer scheme?…………. well the sun did shine on a few rare occasions……….. but all in all a good time was had by everyone.

This year there were plenty of different activities to keep everyone busy, be it rain or shine.

Some old favourites were on offer, with visits from Banham Zoo, with their snakes, giant snails and small furry animals. Chris the Clown visited, helping us to learn some tricks, how to balance and make giant bubbles and it wouldn’t be HOPS without Bouncy Castles and this year a Bouncy Assault Course.

There were numerous music workshops with African Drums, Electric Guitars and new for this year, steel pan drums and DJ workshops. Great fun but we all needed ear defenders on those days.

Everyday art and craft activities were available on site. Ricki came and ran a Felt Making workshop, during which the children created a furry caterpillar(see picture). We also did screen printing T-shirts and on a very windy day we made kites, and we flew them on the playing field.

The children were also very busy tending to the raised flower and vegetable beds. This gave a big splash of colour to the front of Settles House.
This year 57 children attended HOPS activity days having up to 10 session each.

The summer scheme had 11 new children this year, and also 4 new members of staff and 34 new volunteers.
From our team of 70 Volunteers , there were at least 30 on site everyday supporting the children and helping staff run activities and provide refreshments.
HOPS wouldn’t be able to run without the support of young volunteers who have the energy to keep up with the children all day long. But they tell me that ” although it’s a tiring day, it’s great fun and very rewarding”
The Play Leaders worked really hard making sure that every child’s needs are taken care of and that parents receive information on how their child’s day has been. The Playleaders are constantly planning activities and always have a plan B up their sleeves just in case………………..
There were 7 different transport routes this year coming into HOPS from across Mid Suffolk. It was great to see some familiar faces of drivers who have driven coaches, mini buses and taxis in previous years. The children loved the banter with the drivers,as they get on and off the buses, as do the volunteers.

The Trustees play a very important role in the running of HOPS and most of the behind the scenes work is carried out by them. This year we must thank Gipping Valley Rotary Club members for their support in helping to maintain and set up the equipment. A big thank you also to everyone who has raised funds for HOPS and to those organisation who have generously supported us financially with grants.
Please take a look at the photo’s, I hope they convey the fun that the children had and some of the friendships that flourish at HOPS.
Thank you for reading and we hope to see you next year

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