While many children are eagerly awaiting a visit from the Easter Bunny, children volunteers and staff had a visit from the Easter Bikers. Members of the Norfolk Advanced Motorcycle Club had a ride out from Norwich to the HOPS Saturday club at Thorndon. They kindly bought with them Easter Eggs and Easter crafts for everyone at HOPS.

More than 26 bikers met up close to Thorndon and roared onto the site as the children watched on in amazement as they parked up on the car park.  HOPS warmly welcomed them into the setting for a hot drink after their chilly ride over. The riders chatted with staff and children and found out more about what happens at HOPS. Once refreshed the riders kindly agreed that the children could mount their magnificent motorcycles.

For many children this was the first time they had experienced this many motorcycles in one place, they eagerly took up the chance to climb on board and have their photographs taken.

We would like to thank Norfolk Advanced Motorcycle Club and their members particularly Gary Walton for organising this fantastic event for the HOPS children.

We hope you all enjoy the photos


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