Management Committee

HOPS has a board of 5 Trustees elected by members at the AGM, held in November each year. The board consists of  Chair Person, Vice Chair, Treasurer and 2 other committee members. Trustees have a varied knowledge base including, accounting, legal services and management/ human resources and are proactive in seeking support and advice in areas they have a lack of knowledge .

All Trustees Staff and Volunteers are vetted through Safeguarding checks carried out by HOPS.


HOPS play staff are trained and qualified to Ofsted standards, in all aspects of caring for children, especially those with disabilities. Further trainings in behaviour management, communication techniques, administering of prescribed medication, moving and handling are undertaken on a regular basis.

The Play Leader and her assistants see to the day to day planning and running of the activities at the play scheme within the criteria of the Every Child Matters Agenda, also giving medication, personal care and feeding those who need gastric feeds.

HOPS Administrative Staff

Support Trustees in the delivery of day to day running, writing reports and funding applications, attending meetings and networking sessions to raise HOPS profile.

They support the Play Leaders in collating details of referred children and young people to the scheme and assist with maintaining accurate records.

They recruit and support the volunteers in their role at HOPS and ensure the volunteers receive recognition for service.


Volunteers are recruited from local high schools and colleges within Mid Suffolk.  HOPS has formed a good working relationship with these establishments and is fortunate in having a steady flow of enthusiastic young people from these establishments, many of whom volunteer for two or  more years.

Teenage volunteers are trained in Child Protection, Health and Safety, British Sign Language, Makaton and Behaviour Management. The volunteers give peer support to the children and young people with disabilities during the play scheme, to help them, access activities, encourage and support them to achieve their full potential

Volunteers are encouraged to gain an accredited volunteering experience and local volunteers centres advertise HOPS volunteering and by V involved a national recognised organisation, which champions volunteering for 16 to 25 year olds.